Nene & Ramnoth School


The Elliot Foundation Trust has been working with a company called E-Safe, and very recently we have rolled out the E-Safe monitoring system across all Trust schools. 
In essence, E-Safe monitors your child’s use of the internet and school provided online resources whilst they are logged in to their school provided Google accounts eg Google classroom. Whilst it is doing this a small logo sits to the right of the browser bar near the top:

E-Safe will monitor your child’s usage to ensure they are not accessing inappropriate material, receiving or sending malicious communications or in contact with people who are potentially harmful. E-Safe’s monitoring teams will contact the school if any inappropriate use does occur, and our safeguarding teams may follow this up with you as parents via the normal channels.
It is essential that if your child uses a shared device in the home e.g. a tablet or a laptop that they log out of their school Google accounts after they have finished undertaking their school work. This will automatically disconnect the monitoring software.
We will be working with children, training them how to do this and we will be asking children to show you how this is done on the devices they use at home. 
The Elliot Foundation has prepared a Privacy Notice for Parents for the use of E-safe, which can be accessed by clicking here

The Elliot Foundation Guide to Online Safety & E-safe is below:

Click here to access the E-safe information