Nene & Ramnoth School

Online Learning

Google Classroom

Below are the links to get your child logged on safely to ‘Google Classroom’ where they can access work for their own class/year group. These are learning activities the teachers will checking on and updating regularly:

Year 1 Google Classroom

Year 2 Google Classroom

Year 3 Google Classroom

Year 4 Google Classroom

Year 5 Google Classroom

Year 6 Google Classroom

The Elliot Foundation Home Learning Site

The Elliot Foundation have also put together a home learning support site for children, parents and staff. It contains links to software that the children use at home, such as TT Rockstars and BBC Bitesize.
To access the Elliot Foundation home learning website click here

Reading Information for Parents/Carers

Click here to access some useful information put together by our teachers. Page 1 is for Reception-Year 2 and contains information on how to access websites we use in school, such as ‘Oxford Owls’ and ‘PhonicsPlay’.
Page 2 is for Year 3-Year 6 and shows how to access information about our ‘Accelerated Reader’ scheme, which the children also use in school.