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School Clubs

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School Clubs and Activities

School Activities

These take place regularly to widen children’s experiences.  This may involve having visitors in school or taking the children to a special place of interest, such as The Octavia Hill Museum, The Castle or St Peter’s Church.  We cannot charge for any activities that take place in school time (except for individual music lessons) but we may ask for voluntary contributions towards special/extra activities, such as educational visits that involve a cost for the school.

School Clubs

These take place regularly at lunchtime and after school,  in Key Stages 1 and 2, to widen the children’s experiences.  We currently offer a range of clubs, including sports clubs, ICT, sign language, mindfulness and choir.  To see which sports clubs are on offer please click on the ‘Sport Club’ drop-down in the PE & Sport tab.

Please see our School Policies page for our Charging & Remissions Policy.