Nene & Ramnoth School

School Policies

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Please follow the links below to read our guidance documents, statements and school policies:


Attendance Policy

Wisbech Schools Partnership Attendance Policy

Accessibility Plan

Admission Policy for Nene & Ramnoth (TEFAT)

Anti-bullying Policy (TEFAT)

Babysitting Policy

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy Appendix for COVID-19 from June 2020

Capability Policy (TEFAT)

Charging & Remission Policy (TEFAT)

Complaints Policy (TEFAT)

Data Protection Policy (TEFAT)

Debt Collection Policy (TEFAT)

English as an Additional Language Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy (TEFAT)

Freedom of Information Policy (TEFAT)

GDPR Privacy Notice for Nene School (including Little Owls)

GDPR Privacy Notice for Ramnoth School

Health & Safety Policy (TEFAT)

Home-School Policy (TEFAT) 

Learning and Teaching Policy (TEFAT)

Keeping Children Safe In Education: Statutory Guidance September 19

Mobile Phone Policy

Online Safety Policy (TEFAT)

Procedure for Dealing with Allegations against a Member of Staff

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (TEFAT)

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (COVID-19 Appendix from TEFAT)

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (Phased Return To School Appendix from TEFAT) 

Sex and Relationships Education Policy (TEFAT)

Special Educational Needs Policy

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Policy (TEFAT)

Staff Appraisal Policy (TEFAT)

Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy (TEFAT)

Whistleblowing Policy (TEFAT)

Whole Staff Pay Policy (TEFAT)

Protocol for Dealing with Children Not Collected at the End of the School Day / Activity

All TEFAT policies are available to view on their website:

As a member of The Elliot Foundation Academy Trust we adhere to the policies set by TEFAT which can be found on their website.

Information for Parents: online safety

The ParentINFO website has many useful articles on keeping your child safe online.  Click here to access the site.



If you would like to receive a paper copy of any of the School Policies or information published on the website, please contact the school office (