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School Sporting Events

Spring Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Friday 6th December 2019 saw our school take part in a brand new competition for both the school and the Witchford Sports Partnership – the Panathlon Challenge!
8 pupils from Key Stage 2 took part in the brilliant event that was held at Sir Harry Smith, a local secondary school. During the morning there were 8 different activities and sports for the children to take part in and complete, these included table cricket, indoor curling and skittles.
The children displayed amazing teamwork skills throughout the event, motivating one another and showing great determination to do their best. After completing all 8 activities, scores were added up and we finished in a fantastic 3rd place. Every child who took part was awarded with a panathlon t-shirt, a certificate and a bronze medal! We are very proud of our team.

Cross Country
Friday 22nd November 2019 saw 32 children from our school enter a cross country competition, held by the Witchford Sports Partnership. It was a very well organised event in which an amazing 18 schools from the Fenland area took part with around 80 children in each race!
Throughout the morning, the children raced in turns and represented the school in the year group and gender group. The Year 3 and Year 4 children raced over 800m while the Year 5 and Year 6 children had to run 1600m. The willingness to run and desire shown by all runners was great on what was a very cold and muddy day!
Across the ages, we had children finish the the top half of races, some runners finished in the top 20 and special mention goes to out to two of our Year 3 runners who finished in a fantastic 8th AND a remarkable 2nd place overall.
A huge ‘well done’ has to go to all 32 pupils who took part, all of whom tried their hardest! This, once again, resulted in us picking up the School Games Award for Determination!

Sports Stacking World Record Attempt
On Thursday 14th November 2019 we took part again in the Sports Stacking World Record attempt. After helping break the world record last year for having the most amount of stackers around the world partaking on one particular day, the bar was set for this year!
Throughout the afternoon, year groups had their turn to take part and stack together to try to beat last year’s record. All children on the Ramnoth base took part and loved the challenge and idea of being part of a world record attempt. As verifications came in from schools and clubs around the world, we are pleased to say that the world record from last year (which stood at 624,390 stackers) has been ‘unofficially’ beaten! A massive thank you and ‘well done’ goes out to everybody who took part!

Tag Rugby
On Friday 8th November 2019, we took part in two Tag Rugby events (a competition and a festival) held at a local secondary school, as part of an inter-schools tournament.
The competition was a great opportunity for our team to play against other schools in the Fenland area. The team, which consisted of Year 5 and Year 6 children, played well and improved as each game went on. As a result of the fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship shown during the competition we were given the ‘Spirit of the Games’ award.
As well as the competition, another group of Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in the Tag Rugby festival, which saw them complete games and challenges as a team, as well as working on their tag rugby skills. It was a great morning and we are very proud of the children that took part.

The Daily Mile – ‘A Champion’s Visit’
On Monday 4th November 2019, we had a visit from The Daily Mile and double-Paralympian Sam Ruddock. During the morning, the Paralympian sprinter joined pupils for their ’15 minutes of FUN’ and hosted a special assembly which inspired and encouraged students.
Steve Barclay, our local MP, also joined us during the morning and spoke to some children out find out how they were enjoying The Daily Mile challenge as we have been taking part since the start of the academic year.
Mr Barclay stated ‘The Daily Mile is hugely beneficial and above all it’s fun. It gets the students out of the classroom, it keeps them active and I thoroughly recommend it’.
The children and staff all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we cannot thank The Daily Mile and Sam Ruddock enough for their visit!

Autumn Term 1

Peterborough United Football Club – Schools Initiative
During our first half term, Peterborough United Football Club (POSH) came to visit us as part of the Schools Initiative and delivered a special assembly. It was a very interactive session; the children cheered when goals were scored, they witnessed teachers dancing and also got to meet POSH’s famous mascot ‘Peter Burrow the Rabbit’. As part of the assembly, all children received a free ticket to watch an upcoming game at the Weston Homes Stadium (POSH’s home ground) with an adult also admitted free of charge!
A spokesperson for POSH stated ” We hope that everybody at the school enjoyed themselves and look forward to welcoming them all to a forthcoming game at the Weston Homes Stadium”.

Photo copyright of Peterborough United Football Club