Nene & Ramnoth School

Special Educational Needs & Disability

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Our school aims to be an inclusive school. We hope to make all children feel welcome so they happily look forward to their school day. Every child is different and we view differences as an opportunity  for adults and children alike to learn more about themselves. 

Our aims: 

  • For all children to have access to all aspects of school life, as far as is reasonable and practical.
  • To prevent any pupils in our school being placed at a sustainable disadvantage. 
  • To take all reasonable steps to ensure that children with a disability are not treated differently without lawful justification. 
  • To make all reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils in order for them to succeed and participate fully in school life.  

We follow the Local Authority Guidelines for identifying and assessing children with special educational needs. We always talk to parents and seek permission from them before a child is discussed with any outside agencies.  Parents are kept informed at all stages and of all strategies used.

Our Special Needs and Disability Co-ordinator is Mrs Kath O’Shea.

SEND Information Report
This report contains lots of useful information for parents, covering all aspects of SEND.  To view our latest report, please click here.