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Amazing Work From Our Assemblies!

Each week we will share the amazing work that is being done by our children! We are very proud of the hard work and effort from all children, staff and parents - click on the purple headings below!

Work from week starting 11th January 2021

 Madeline challenging herself with number work!

 Harry's amazing 'Great Fire of London' picture!

Mia's excellent map work!

Olivia's sensational dog walking map!

Evaldas' brilliant observational drawing!

 'The Great Fire of London' by Tilly and her family!

Work from week starting 18th January 2021

Brooke has been engaging with all tasks set and has tried very hard with her reading and spotting tricky words. Well done!



Matas made a stunning 3D model of a Maya temple.  A lot of hard work and attention to detail can be seen in his work - well done!

Matas Mayan Temple


Work from week starting 25th January 2021

Well done to Domas who has been really excited to complete his learning activities at home. He made a really long phonics paper chain snake and sorted words with 'no s' and 's' at the end!

 Kylie created her favourite meal and wrote labels for each item using her phonic knowledge and with her neatest handwriting!



Willow always tries hard with her online learning, but her “Room On The Broom” description was excellent; she used lots of adjectives and conjunctions!

 Eivina practising her balancing in gymnastics!

 An excellent Google Slides presentation by Jacob!

Work from week starting 1st February 2021

 Well done to Enriko (and his brother!) for this tremendous effort to create a shadow puppet theatre!

An impressive picture from Zuzanna's History work this week.  She completes all of her online work to a high standard every time. She always has interesting ideas and thinks outside the box. Keep up the brilliant work!

Bobby has worked hard this week to complete most tasks set online and has uploaded some  photos showing his independent working in Maths and English.  Below is a fantastic picture linked to 'Habitats'. Well done! 


Casper has been submitting work on Tapestry every day and reading too. He has been really persevering with some of the things he has found tricky, for example working out how many more to make 10. He also taught his Dad how to use a number line!


Laurynas completes all of his online work to a high standard every time and producing some excellent art work, as we can see below! Well done, keep up the hard work!

Andreja has been really creative with her Maths this week, she has used outdoor equipment to help her add sums together. She also takes part in every activity uploaded to Tapestry and has done some wonderful paintings! Well done Andreja!

Work from week starting 8th February 2021 

A big shout-out to Leja, Liliana, Mia, Amira, Aiden, Sofia, Tomas, Kingsley, Witney, Tomas, Ziva, Jessica, Oliver, Austin, Renats and Arina for always giving their best and trying hard with their work - online and in school. Well done - we are very proud of you all 😊😊

Edvard always tries so hard with his handwriting and phonics at home and his fantastic furry cat picture is just great!

 Aurora has been weaving as part of her Maya topic and it is just fantastic!