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Our History curriculum will inspire our children's curiosity about the past. It will increase and develop their historical skills and knowledge. They will use their skills through enquiry led questions, analysis, evaluation and argument. They will develop a sense of identity through learning about the past. The History curriculum is taught in chronological order and makes use of our local area and town as well as the wider world. This enables children to develop a deep understanding of the rich history around them. We start learning about our families in EYFS, then ourselves and significant people in Year 1. Year 2 investigate 'Who was Guy Fawkes?'.  When children enter Year 3 they will learn about the Stone Age, Iron age and Roman Empire. Year 4 explore the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Year 5 explore the ancient civilisation of the Mayan people and Year 6 investigate the Egyptians and the D-Day landings in World War II. By the time they leave Year 6 they have explored many key times through History. 


Our History curriculum will equip the children to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments and develop perspective and judgment. It gives the children  WOW moments of discovery and information to stimulate their interest such as an interview with Neil Armstrong in Year 1, dressing up as evacuees in Year 6 and making Mayan Temples in Year 5. They are given opportunities to explore artefacts and experience topic days to help them understand aspects of life during key periods in History.


Our Y6 children have started recording their own History podcasts. Click on the link below to listen!
Y6 History Podcast 1

 Y6 History Podcast 2

Ways to help your child with History at home:

Visit a museum and explore the different artefacts. Encourage your child to ask questions about everything they see. Here are some museums within 50 miles of Wisbech:

  • Wisbech and Fenland museum (not open every day)
  • Octavia Hill’s birthplace museum
  • Ely museum
  • Peterborough museum and art gallery
  • Cambridge museum of zoology

The films below are about different civilisations - watch with your child and get them to notice all the differences between their setting/lives and ours.  Some suggestions:

  • The Prince of Egypt (PG)
  •  Early Man (PG)
  •  Horrible Histories - The Movie: Rotten Romans (PG)

If you or any family members have items from a long time ago, share these with the children and explain their significance. Encourage the children to ask questions about the items.

Discuss your family's history with your child - what is different about your childhood and theirs? You could involve other family members such as grandparents. What games did they play, what toys did they have, what tv programmes did they watch, what clothes did they wear, what places did they visit?

Research local history such as Thomas Clarkson and visit the memorial in Wisbech.