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Our Green Curriculum

The TEFAT Green Curriculum is arranged around four interlinking sustainability themes and each Academy is committed to reflecting one theme in their own setting.  

These themes are:

Green Systems

  • Green Regeneration and Diversity
  • Green Communities
  • Green Citizens

This is a way of teaching and learning that puts the environment and sustainability at the heart of the curriculum.

Nene and Ramnoth’s Curriculum Commitment in 2023-24  is to Green Citizens and Green Systems and we will:

Encourage recycling by designing posters to place near the bins in the classrooms to show what can put in the recycling bin and what needs to go in the normal bin. We will then monitor the bins.

Encourage children to think about waste by buying new playground bins with clear markings to show which rubbish goes into which bin.

Continue our weekly after-school Eco/Gardening Club who will:

  • plant tubs so each class has some plants/flowers outside their door.         
  • continue to look after the existing plants and weed the outside areas.
  • keep our outside environment clean and tidy by litter picking and sweeping up.
  • improve the outside area for students, staff, plants and animals. 
  • make bird feeders to encourage more birds into our school environment.
  • set up a camera in our bird box and monitor to see if any birds are nesting, to show we are encouraging wildlife to live our outside areas.
  • plant and nurture a bean teepee to produce runner beans for our school community and links into our science curriculum.