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EAL Ambassadors

At Nene and Ramnoth School, we welcome children and staff from many different countries around the world. The children speak over 17 different languages and our aim is that all children develop their understanding of the English language and are able to use it skilfully in order to access the National Curriculum.

We have EAL Ambassadors who support any of our children who have English as an additional language.  These Ambassadors are chosen as good role models who are confident to speak in their home language as well as translate into English.  We also have members of staff who speak different languages who support our families and children to access every element of our school provision.


School Councillors

Nene and Ramnoth School Council are a group of children who act as representatives of their classmates in discussing school issues within School Council meetings with Mrs Francis. All items and issues discussed are then shared with Mrs Miller and the team and where appropriate, requests and actions are agreed with and instigated.

School Councillors are elected by their peers to represent the views of all children, following a democratic election process.  They help to make decisions about how the school is run and take on projects that support the children’s learning and development, such as organising fundraising, representing the school at all times and this year, following on from COP26, ensuring the school is environmentally friendly and that we reduce waste and recycle more.

Some of the children explained why they wanted to be School Councillors:

“I want to be an example and improve the school so that people would be happier and excited for school. Going to school should be a god experience, so I’m responsible for making people happier. I would love to see people smiling all the time, no matter what.”

“School is amazing, but School Councillors make the school even better than it is. Through the years the School Councillors thought of introducing the trim trail, picnic tables and having toys to play with at lunch times. Let’s make the school a better place!”

“I want to be School Councillor because I want to help people in the best way I can and make sure they are happy.”

"I’m going to improve the schools future and the students future. I’m going to improve the children’s lives.”


Playground Leaders

Our Playground Leaders have been trained by the Witchford Sports Partnership to organise fun activities for other children at lunchtimes.  During the training, the Playground Leaders are taught a variety of games to play with the other children, as well as understanding what makes a good playground leader. 



Reading Ambassadors

Reading Ambassadors are chosen from Year 4 and are children who have shown a love for reading.  Part of their role is to share this love for reading with other children in the school.  They do this by writing and sharing book reviews and reading with younger children who are reluctant to read by themselves.